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3D tracking system

I’ve known Nuigroup since it first started in 2005. With the help of the community I had done a lot of multi-touch projects such as Clear Men Free Kick, Mobifone Fish Tank, Heineken Interactive Corner… I’m so...


Apple: Fusion Drive

I just watched a full keynote session of Apple. It was interesting. The most amazing part is when Chiller presented the new iMac. Damn, it was stunning. I can see a lot of jaw...


A right tool to treat your green problem

If you know about Emergenetic, then you would know about your Green thinking preference. If you don’t, please go to this website and find out more about it Alright, my Green is very small,...


The future is HD, even your voice phone call

The little blue marble we call Earth is no stranger to HD Voice — it’s been around commercially since Orange debuted the service over its 3G network in Moldova nearly three years ago — but the technology still...


Set status/social/tweet for your phone

Viettel has just launched a new service iSign which allow users to set their phone a signature. You can try the service here for free in its beta period. Personally, I think this...