A right tool to treat your green problem

If you know about Emergenetic, then you would know about your Green thinking preference. If you don’t, please go to this website and find out more about it http://www.emergenetics.com/whatis

Alright, my Green is very small, it takes only 5% of my thinking preferences. It also means I will not think too much about details and that would lead to a lot of trouble in project management, reporting and farming. I usually lose tracking of tasks which I should do everyday.

In the past, I used to manage my daily task with Google Calendar because it’s the thing that I looked at mostly every hour to check my schedule. It would look like this one:

With Google Calendar, we have some advantages:

  1. Cloud sync: enjoy your daily task on all of your devices.
  2. Sharing: you can share your calendar with colleagues or your boss so others would know what you’re up to.

However, you can’t collaborate with your team mates and actively get reminders from google of your task deadlines. I’ve solved it with Things.

Things is very simple and easy to use. You can keep track of your daily task and deadlines very closely. It would look like this:

However, Things is only available on Mac and iOS devices. What if your team is working across all devices? And also my problem is that I’m using an Android phone.

Here come my hero Producteev: http://www.producteev.com

It’s like the combination between Things + Google Calendar. It can remind you your tasks on your phones, computers, emails… everything. And it works across all devices. Here are some outstanding advantages:

  1. Cloud service, sync everything on every single devices.
  2. Reminders, pushing to all of your devices
  3. Collaboration, team can reply on task (discussion) and even attach a file.
  4. Simple and beautiful design (not for web layout)
  5. Spaces and Labels are just good enough for me to track Company and Home works with different projects
  6. It’s free 🙂 unless you want to collaborate with more than 3 members

Here is how it looks on mac:

Shared, it’s now your turn to choose which one you need to do today.

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