Set status/social/tweet for your phone

Viettel has just launched a new service iSign which allow users to set their phone a signature. You can try the service here for free in its beta period.

Personally, I think this is a very potential service due to its social connection.


  • You can set up your iSign in any languages but try not to use bad words. You have 140 characters to write anything you want
  • When you send SMS to your friend iSign will be included in the message.
  • When your friend call you or you call them, your iSign will be display on their phones. This function is really cool, go and try this if you are using Viettel.
  • Connecting with Social Platforms: iSign allow you to connect with Facebook and Twitter so that whenever you set your status on Facebook or Tweet your iSign will be changed the same.

iSign is open API and willing to connect with any social platforms so we will have more than Facebook and Twitter soon.

However, Mobifone and Vinaphone are also big players and this iSign thing will be much more fun if we can have all connected.  Let’s wait for Mobifone and Vinaphone to jump in this in future.

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