Dreams and Dreams builder and Life

Today, coincidentally, my PR workshop started with this old 90s advert “Did you spend your youth dreaming about someday…? “.  A very good lesson leaned, it show how clever Porsche positioned itself differently from the others.

Reder via luckywith007

Reder via luckywith007

However, this post it not about advertising. It’s about another talks from a friend. He told stories and examples showing why people should have dreams.

Dreams. I believe everybody have. Question is that are we moving to it or far away from it?

Plainly, we are all dream builders, it just the matter for whom we are building. Fun is that mostly, we build dreams for the others. And why is that?

A lot of reasons.

But my thought is that, we are going in a wrong direction. When you are out in the street, there’re sets of rule. In school, the same thing happens. But life doesn’t have that kind of rule. Close your eyes and imagine we start from the beginning of this Earth. There’s nothing except some atoms. The world is changing, we are changing. But have you’ve ever seen it’s better? I’m not saying that we’re doom. I just want to show you that, the meaning of living this life is not getting better or being successful.

Life simply means experiencing. Walking through life is an action. The outcome is what?


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