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Boring, I need to give some updates


Meetings: ineffective vs. effective

We almost have to attend at least 1 meeting in our lifetime. Of course, I’m no exception. This post writing is mainly for discussion and kick-start those who in-need of an effective meeting. Here...


Where is “thinking out of the box” coming from?

As you might know the phrase “thing out of the box” usually use in business context, especially in creative industry and obstacle need breakthrough solutions. Today, I stumbled across the question “Where is “thinking...


Não bạn hoạt động không như bạn nghĩ

I usually spend my free time listening to music and reading books. Ideas usually came out from the most relaxed time. My mind works in a reversed way. Almost every times I was cornered,...


Apple Watch and A true heart

This post was suppose to talk about Apple Watch. However, I want to share my thoughts first. Lately, I got in a series of unexpected events. I still have a lot of problems to...