This is me

Born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the only son, growing up through a hard time after war.

Being thrown into water without knowing how to swim, scared to death. Made it into the swim team .

Unassembled any machines or computers nearby. Damages: 3 cassettes, 1 TV set, 4 computers and a motorbike.

Deep into piano. Hated classical practice and was in love with Metal Rock. My favorite band, Megadeth.

Boring school years with several girl friends.

Met a friend and he taught me how to play guitar. Joined a band and played some pop songs. Our first cover song is Only Love by the  Trade Mark.

Joined MSS as a sale staff.

Dealing with mobile game content. Was called Manager but worked like a staff. Spent sometimes to go deep into Action Script.

Design some outstanding projects like Interactive Wall, Touch Surface and Augmented Reality. Learnt Objective C and built my first iPhone App – Hello World

Manage Digital Team, run a big TV show project House of Dreams which produces X5 girls group.

I joined Ogilvy. It’s an interesting journey where I can learn a lot of practical knowledge in advertisings. I learn frameworks and how to use them in my planning.

2013I created a company to do Lubricant Oil merchandising. We mainly import goods from overseas and distribute it in Vietnam. This is a stuff business and it’s also the first time when I know how hard it is to run a real business.

2014I went back to advertisings and joined some interesting projects. This is the year of learning. I learn in-depth knowledge of digital media. This knowledge allows me to unlock numbers on tables. I trained daily hard. And because of that, my mind was growing fast. This is a quarter stone year for my logic thinking.

2015I start a new journey. I joined Masso.

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