Why quit?

This morning, while drinking coffee, I got a message from a friend: “why leaving?”

I replied with a long message, returning, he only texts some. Now, when I think of it, I think I was a coward.

When you are falling or are in despair, we blame for things, people, enemies or even yourself. But the truth is that we fail because we’re afraid of failing.

When I do planning, which I think I’m very good at, I usually create a lot of back-up plans. And that’s good, it saved my several times. Clients were very happy. Good. But it’s not good for me, I’m too safe. We’re too safe and we can’t explore more.

So, why do we have back-up plans?


Because we’re afraid of failing. And when we fail, we blame on everything, even God.

Now, if he asks me again “why quit?”, I can answer him frankly: “I was scared, I’m scared of failure and I didn’t put all of my belief in what I was doing. That’s the reason.”

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