Author: James


Họp các thể loại

Hầu hết ai ai trong chúng ta cũng đều phải trải qua 1 lần họp trong đời. Dĩ nhiên, bản thân tôi cũng không thoái khỏi cảnh này. Bài viết này chỉ nhằm đúc...


Your mind is not what you think

I usually spend my free time listening to music and reading books. Ideas usually came out from the most relaxed time. My mind works in a reversed way. Almost every times I was cornered,...


Dean Ray: Unpredictable and Crazy

Lately, I’ve been watching X-factor Australia. Most impressed contestant is Dean Ray. His performance is like from outer space. People can’t predict what he will do next. I was totally blown away while seeing...