Time is a limited asset – use it wisely by focusing.

Most of mistakes during my working time come from distractions. It can be from the temptation of checking out Facebook newsfeed to encountering sudden meetings.
So how can we focus and win back our asset?
1. Work with calendar. Don’t work with memories. – People tend to do task or work on projects just when they remember it. Let’s leap before time and plan your task instead of tasks control you.
2. Stay focus by opening single window. – If you work on Windows or Mac, remember notification will cause distraction. Don’t open unnecessary windows like Facebook, Messenger, Skype… I usually work with single window.
3. Take task but schedule it. Don’t run into unexpected task. – If your colleague or your boss approach you, remember you must stay calm to open your calendar. You should plan that task and tell them when they can get. Prioritized task will need discussion, if it happens, let’s show them our schedule so they can understand.
With some of these tips, I hope you can win back your most treasured asset – time.

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