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Set status/social/tweet for your phone

Viettel has just launched a new service iSign which allow users to set their phone a signature. You can try the service here www.isign.com.vn for free in its beta period. Personally, I think this...


True secret to success (It’s not what you think)

If you’re not exercising this emotional muscle, you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. I’m utterly convinced that the key to lifelong success is the regular exercise of a single emotional muscle: gratitude. People...


Dreams and Dreams builder and Life

Today, coincidentally, my PR workshop started with this old 90s advert “Did you spend your youth dreaming about someday…? “.  A very good lesson leaned, it show how clever Porsche positioned itself differently from...


Axe revealing Anarchy

Wow, I was amazed when watching this video. The technology is simple by using polarized film transform the LCD into mystic window. As usually, the content that walk users through is perfect. I can’t...



It’s hot today, do you want to swim?



My quick draw of a golfer. Could be me anyways. Click on image to view full screen


Pencil, draw and addiction

Drawing is fun. And it has been 9 years since I touched the pencil. It is fun and reminds me a lot of memories.


Binh Hung Trip

A very long trip and with a lot of beautiful memories.


Where do we go – Thanh Bui feat Tata Young

Brilliant song. I really love it. Bâng khuâng trong đêm thật dài Ở nơi niềm vui đã xa Tình mình như đang vô vọng Cho ta thao thức đêm dài Đưa nhau qua cơn...



•Mstart.vn is a music platform allowing users to make their musical dreams come true •It allows users to show case their talents and attract viewers to pre-purchase Ambient: •Started since October 2011 •400 registrations...