How can you keep up fast pace good work and still enjoy life?

Have you ever wondered why the heck is one guy in the office can do a lot of work? And he can still be free to do other things.

I have 2 kids. The oldest is almost 9 years old. Besides doing dishes, ironing, clothes… to help my wife, I also do a strategy plan for my kids such as: planning them to do piano weekly, keeping them fit, helping them to be more sociable. I’m pretty sure that is a lot of work. However, I can still be keeping up at the pace.

Here are my tricks:

1. I will be the one who walk in the office first. Instead of eating breakfast, I start to work immediately because I solved the breakfast 30 minutes ago.

2. I have a personal timeline that we sketch details of all the works and try to make it as realistic as possible.

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3. I don’t take things personally in works. I move forward and try to solve issue.

4. I don’t try to be the one. I try to be everyone. Instead of arguing or try to be smart, I work smart and result-oriented is the key.

5. I do lunch with new members. And I try to not do lunch over and over with the same person or the same group.

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