A little talks

Today is 49 days since my dad passed away. Forty-nine days ago, when I receive a phone call from my wife, I felt so empty. When I called my mom, she’s totally losing her mind.

I finishes my weekly meeting as usual and asked my senior so that I can be off for next 4 days. I run directly to Vung Tau. It was a long trip and helped me to clear my mind. But with the scene and all of incidents surrounding destroyed every single pieces of peace.

I sat down in front of my dad’s body and cried a lot. There were million of questions in my head.

Until now, I couldn’t answer them.

However, there is a regret that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

That is I couldn’t hold him and said that I love him so much.

The important essentials seems to be invisible. You should learn to treasure them even when you can’t recognise them.

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