It’s not a job, it’s a decision

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In our company, we embrace transparency. Line manager need to spend 30 minutes talk (whatever) a week with his employees.
These session actually works pretty well.
I get to know my colleagues. They are willing to share.
It was good.
And then, I came to realise, that most of them always think this is a job.
I love the quote in “Suit” : it’s not a job, it’s a decision.
Once you made a choice to be in a company, most of you forget that it’s your decision to commit to something.
I own several equities, still, I work for Masso. It’s my decision to build and embrace its vision. So, even you have a second thought, you still need to consider that it was still your decision.
A decision might lead to the big bang of an universe or a pop of an egg.
Stil, it was you. And you have to be responsible for what you decided.
It’s not a job, it was your decision!

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