How to solve complicated issue with simple solutions?

It was started with some ideas we called Emotion. Look around you, you might feel different type of emotional vibe. The emotion could be natural like love of newly-wed- couple or hate and anger of adults or event crazy moments of drinkers in a pub. Emotion is complicated and is hidden inside one complicated human-being.
At night, my children always run to me as we kiss and hug at the front door. Their feelings are complicated. My son sometimes is so focused with his toys, only come to me when his mom calls. My daughter is like a parrot running to me just like a habit everyday. But we can’t judge their feelings at some point of time in life. The question is “do I need moments like that”? The answer is yes. And the purpose is that it’s for my children.
Feelings are complicated. Human-being is combined with so many complicated things. I set up a simple exercise daily to help my kids to learn how to express their feelings. These set of actions are simple. And complicated things are always going with any simple solution. The matter is how we can remember them and train them everyday to achieve the best result.
The story of a business man is all about P&L. But you can’t communicate this P&L to your employees. 99% of your company won’t understand what is P&L, and nearly, it’s not a very clear motivation. I used to run a distribution company, I what I did was to set a clear daily goal for my sale staff. The mission is to achieve P&L but the action is to sell volume in a day. It’s crystal clear to everyone.
Some of my staff are so pissed off when they have to update daily into project time line. They all concern this costs them too much time. I agreed. But rarely, people knew that I was a super lazy boy when I were young. To solve it, I simple set-up my daily schedule. And I mean truly every single day. My schedule is also a tool to help push works go faster.
During my working session, I also got into troubles of looping in the circle of complexity. These are 2 outstanding points:
  1. Angry and try to push your mind into other. Solution: listen and wait. You will only act when they are in help or troubles and it’s the only way for you to avoid 3-4 hours of arguing.
  2. Complicated relationship: boss, colleagues, clients,… They are so complicated that you can’t imagine. Solution: don’t judge, you can only act simple as in time and in place. For instance: client met me at a bar, while I still had a lot of work to be done for them. I thought: we went to the bar to be relaxed after work, so why don’t we sit down together and try to achieve that same purposes. That made us friends and we can openly talk about everything else outside of work. Usually, clients are my friends.
So, to solve complicated things in your life, it requires you to gain experience and find out 1 simple solution. This I also learnt from a master. I wish you to apply this successfully in your life and work.

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