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I pop out some thoughts? I share. Khi nghĩ ra ý tưởng mới, tôi sẽ chia sẽ ngay.


It’s not a job, it’s a decision

In our company, we embrace transparency. Line manager need to spend 30 minutes talk (whatever) a week with his employees. These session actually works pretty well. I get to know my colleagues. They are...


A little talks

Today is 49 days since my dad passed away. Forty-nine days ago, when I receive a phone call from my wife, I felt so empty. When I called my mom, she’s totally losing her...


Why you are wasting your brain.

Most of people I worked with have a bright mind or genius. But they (included me) spent that into a waste. Here is how we can over come that and use 100% of our...


Meetings: ineffective vs. effective

We almost have to attend at least 1 meeting in our lifetime. Of course, I’m no exception. This post writing is mainly for discussion and kick-start those who in-need of an effective meeting. Here...


Do you think Business Development is Sales?

The biggest challenge today’s burgeoning companies face is understanding the difference between sales and Business Development (BD). Many companies think they are the same, and as a result they struggle with embracing the BD...


Where is “thinking out of the box” coming from?

As you might know the phrase “thing out of the box” usually use in business context, especially in creative industry and obstacle need breakthrough solutions. Today, I stumbled across the question “Where is “thinking...