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It’s not a job, it’s a decision

In our company, we embrace transparency. Line manager need to spend 30 minutes talk (whatever) a week with his employees. These session actually works pretty well. I get to know my colleagues. They are...


A little talks

Today is 49 days since my dad passed away. Forty-nine days ago, when I receive a phone call from my wife, I felt so empty. When I called my mom, she’s totally losing her...


Why you are wasting your brain.

Most of people I worked with have a bright mind or genius. But they (included me) spent that into a waste. Here is how we can over come that and use 100% of our...


Meetings: ineffective vs. effective

We almost have to attend at least 1 meeting in our lifetime. Of course, I’m no exception. This post writing is mainly for discussion and kick-start those who in-need of an effective meeting. Here...


A good morning of 2015

Good morning folks, All lefts from 2014 were a hustle evening, a strange new year’s eve party with older members of the tennis club, an ugly foggy firework and thoughts of works and life....


Why quit?

This morning, while drinking coffee, I got a message from a friend: “why leaving?” I replied with a long message, returning, he only texts some. Now, when I think of it, I think I...