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Apple Watch and A true heart

This post was suppose to talk about Apple Watch. However, I want to share my thoughts first. Lately, I got in a series of unexpected events. I still have a lot of problems to...


423 to-dos in 1 month

How to explain my daily works? See attached image of 423 to-dos completed works that I have crossed in 1 month. It’s 4 a.m. in the morning and I just can’t sleep. And I...


The year 8

It has been sometimes since my last post. 2012, with a cool slideshow how I found my inner core. 2014, I am back to agency life. Until now, I’ve been working for almost 4...


Axe revealing Anarchy

Wow, I was amazed when watching this video. The technology is simple by using polarized film transform the LCD into mystic window. As usually, the content that walk users through is perfect. I can’t...


Comfort Interactive Wall

Description: •Creating interactive wall for Comfort. •When users walk by the wall, flower will be burst out from their body, •In some moments, Andy will also step out and take pictures Ambient: •350,000 people...


Mobifone Fish Tank

A big multi-touch screen set-up to please Mobifone VIP customers. Description: •Interactive Fish tank attracted huge number of users. Created a magic theme to the event. •First time ever in Vietnam, we created a...