Apple Watch and A true heart

This post was suppose to talk about Apple Watch. However, I want to share my thoughts first.
Lately, I got in a series of unexpected events. I still have a lot of problems to solve. However, I’m happy in all moments. I accept mostly everything around me. That’s how I grew up.
I was born in an average family. My father was not very open. He’s a type of keeping his heart closed and not really telling everyone how he feels. Sometimes, his emotion just bursts out from his heart. I think he somehow affects me.
I’m not very open. I do care. But rarely I show it. I think I still have blocked emotion problem. It was not after my mom got cancer. I think this happens for a very long time.
I’m undefined.
I was lost. I was going nowhere.
But I’m fine. I know that. I will try to find it. But I know that I will never give up, especially human.
Let’s talk about Apple Watch. Why I link from Apple Watch to a heart?
Because I really like their heart beat function. Basically you can send your heart beat to the one you care and love. This is really an invention honestly. I will send this to my loved ones instead of saying out loud or text a message.
Before I wrote these lines, I read a friend’s post about this function and I’m sad that he doesn’t imagine how good feeling if your loved ones receive your heart beat.
Heart beat Apple Watch

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