An ordinary man, a millionaire, a scholar and a monk.

Đây là một câu truyện cực kỳ gây tò mò và hoàn toàn dựa trên những sự kiện có thật. Ai mà không đọc hết thì xem như uổng 50% cuộc đời rồi.

This story is a must-read and came 100% from a true story that I encounter myself. If you don’t read the whole story, 50% of your life spent wastefully.

Once upon a time, a  young man came across 3 people siting down drinking tea and talking. He saw these people are so interesting and decided to sit down to learn some new things from them.

He sat down and listen to their stories. He didn’t catch the first part but he realise that 3 persons came from different fields. One is a successful business. One is a famous scholar and another one is a monk for all of his life.

He listened carefully to every single words.

The monk is asking: “Are you satisfied with one thing in your life yet?”

The young man is still thinking, however the business is the fastest one with answer: “Life is a journey of exciting experience, I’m satisfied even with failure in my business.”

The scholar mystically answered: “Defining ‘satisfaction’ is hard. In my opinion, I think this word only means at one moment in the present right at this instant.'”

The monk smile and said: “When you see something, you see nothing. When you see nothing, you see something.”

The young man was going crazy, his face turned pale. He asked: “Such a simple question but output into a lot of amazing answers. But I don’t really get it. ”

They asked him: “What do you do?”

“I am a construction worker. I build walls” – answered the young man.

He paused and added in: “With your question, my answer is simple. I have just built the most beautiful wall several minutes ago. I’m satisfied with that.”

Characters and location have been modified.

This is my personal comments:

During conversation, talking, discussing or simple hugging and hand shaking, we should do it simply because it’s natural. Minimal ideas in words and action will help others with all your hearts. This will help us a lot in real life situation.

Fighting after drinks, yelling, swearing, talking bad behind someone’s back, minimising everything will not happen if you just cut to the straight and talk aloud and do things that purely came from your heart.

I hope you enjoy the post and be inspired during works.

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